Areas Covered We work in Chichester and the wider area.
Organisation Name Rotary Club of Chichester Harbour
Contact Name Therese Brook
E-mail Address
Website Address
Facebook URL  
Phone Number 07732 397201
Please tell us what your organisation does:  We work with Social Services, Schools, Safe in Sussex, Housing Associations, Food Bank, My Sisters House, Amber House and other professionals to support families fleeing domestic abuse and families in need in practical ways e.g. clothing all ages 0 to 100, bedding, household items, kitchen equipment, crockery and cutlery, cots, prams etc
What support your organisation offers. We take general none referrals Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Urgent referrals 7 days a week at any time
Please include any further useful information (Optional) We have been doing this work for over 20 years.
Areas Covered Assistance for those in Chichester in desperate situations due to Lockdown and the pandemic. Up to £400 usually £250 to buy goods, services or Tesco vouchers. Anyone can apply but must have a sponsor or referee.
Organisation Name Mayor’s Hardship Fund
Preferred Address 113 Worcester Road, Chichester PO19 5EE
Contact Name  Richard Plowman
E-mail Address
Website Address  
Phone Number  01243 787663
Please tell us what your organisation does: The Mayor’s Hardship fund is administered by the Chichester Welfare Trust. Initial contact is made with the Mayor and then vetted by a professional assessor who makes a recommendation. All is done  by phone and there are no forms to fill in and it is confidential. Turn around time is usually 2-3 days
What support your organisation offers  Up to £400 usually £250 to buy goods, services or Tesco vouchers. Anyone can apply but must have a sponsor or referee. Also offers advice and signposting. The whole process is confidential.
Further useful information To date some 70 people have been helped with funds of £11,000 distributed. it is expected that the economic effects of the Pandemic will mean this  fund will be required for some years to come.

CONTACT: Angie Bacon

ADDRESS: The Water Tower, Blomfield Drive,  Graylingwell Park, Chichester PO19 6BZ


PHONE: 01243 537526




Empower people by developing skills and supporting projects that create local opportunities, employment and build community spirit. CCDT owns and manages community buildings and land, safe-guarding these important spaces for the community, and reinvesting profits to create long-term economic, social and environmental benefits.


We work in partnership with local people, other local agencies and stakeholders to improve the quality of life for all residents and the wider Chichester community.
We encourage others by sharing learning and successes
We provide leadership, support and encouragement for community groups so local people feel empowered to improve their own lives.
We manage projects and initiatives that raise aspirations and create volunteering and job opportunities for our communities.


Our Values –
Enterprise for all – We think enterprise is the best way to transform lives. We want to unlock the talents of our community members, support entrepreneurial ventures and create valuable partnerships and collaborations.

Responsive -We are quick to act and make the most of a bright idea or opportunity.

Community-led – We listen to your views and wishes for the community. If you want to improve your community in some way, we can help you succeed.

Approachable – We are friendly, fun and passionate about community.

Respectful– We believe everyone can play a part, regardless of background, wealth or age.

Creative – We like to come up with fresh ways of thinking, doing and achieving.

Resilient– We respond to change and priorities, and are resilient for the future


CONTACT: Paul Woodfield

ADDRESS: 124 Sherborne Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 3AW


PHONE: 01243  782582


Here at CBC we work together with Christians Against Poverty [CAP] to run the Chichester CAP Debt Centre. Our Debt Centre provides a completely free debt counselling service, available to anyone struggling with unmanageable debt in and around the Chichester area.

We provide ongoing help, support and love to all our clients regardless of their faith, race, age, gender, marital status, or disability.

CAP is an award-winning charity that helps people out of debt through budgeting and their own unique payment plan, and nationally sees over 2500 people become debt free every year.

If you need help getting out of debt call 0800 328 0006


Our church buildings are generally open during the week [Mondays – Fridays] 9-5 and of course on Sundays. Anyone needing help, be it debt advice, food bank vouchers, or any spiritual help or guidance is welcome to call us and to talk with one of our church leaders.


It is our privilege to be part of the Parklands community in Chichester, and we seek to serve our community in a number of ways.

First and foremost we believe that God has entrusted us with the message of hope – the “good news of great joy” that Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, has come that we might be reconciled with God (Luke 2:10-11).

We try to match our activities to our message by using our time and resources to put on events that will benefit the local community. Examples of this would be Acorns, our parent and toddler group, and Lunch Club, where we provide meals for the elderly.

Where we can we like to be able to make our resources, particularly our premises, available to non-for-profit organisations.

Throughout the year we get out of the building and into the local area in various ways, such as the Noise project and Carols on the Greens.