About Chichester In Partnership 

Chichester in Partnership (CIP) was formed as a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) in 2002.  The Local Government Act 2000 placed a duty on local authorities to prepare a Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) to promote and improve the economic, social and environmental well-being of their areas, and contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. It was expected that this would happen through LSPs. In 2006 the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill considered Local Strategic Partnerships as the overarching partnership to bring together key themes and deliver the priorities in the Local Area Agreement and Sustainable Community Strategy. The Creating Strong, Safe and Prosperous Communities Guidance in 2008 also provided an impetus for working in Local Strategic Partnerships.

The statutory guidance (Creating Strong, Safe and Prosperous Communities) that governed LSP’s was rescinded by Government in 2012. Government also revoked the Duty to Involve and the Duty to Prepare a Sustainable Community Strategy in 2014, therefore there is no legal obligation for the Council to have an LSP or a Sustainable Community Strategy.

Although current government thinking may appear to place less emphasis on formalised local partnership arrangements, they still see collaboration and joint working as a key part of the national agenda on health reform, policing, and economic development.  Support for the Localism and Devolution agenda remains. It is therefore considered good practice to maintain ways to encourage partner conversation and collaboration.

In conclusion Chichester in Partnership is a partnership of the strategic partners Chichester whose vision is to “Work together to help and inspire the people, and communities within Chichester District to reach their potential”   The partnership has written a 5 year Community Strategy that we are working towards delivering.

CIP Community Strategy 2016-2021 [PDF] 1MB

The core group is the decision making part of the partnership and this is chaired by Chichester District council elected member.

Membership of Core group includes:


  • West Sussex County Council
  • Sussex Police
  • West Sussex Fire & Rescue
  • Voluntary Action Arun & Chichester
  • Chichester College
  • University of Chichester
  • Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Coastal West Sussex Mind
  • Citizens Advice – Chichester & Arun
  • Change Grow Live
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Chichester Festival Theatre
  • Chichester Cathedral
  • Richmond fellowship
  • Department of work and pensions

Chichester in Partnership has a yearly business plan and annual report. Which can be found below:

 Community Strategy 2016-2021 (FINAL) [PDF] 1MB

Annual Report 18-19 [PDF] 473KB

CIP Business Plan 19-20 Final [PDF] 468KB