Community-led Housing

is a term used to describe social enterprises that encourage local people to play a leading role in providing solutions to the housing need within their neighbourhood. This will enable communities to create genuinely affordable homes that may be difficult to deliver through mainstream housing.


Many people across Chichester District are finding it difficult to find homes in their area because of the high price of market properties.

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Community-led housing is way for communities to take an active role in the future of their local housing need.

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Setting up community-led housing can be fraught with obstacles, luckily there is a strong support network to help.

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Community Land Trusts

are social enterprises created by members of a community joining together to form a trust in order to build genuinely affordable homes for people with strong local connections.

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schemes are formed by the community that they will come to serve.  They are usually made up of individual private housing units with a communal shared house containing different facilities.

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Cooperative housing

organisations owns the freehold and housing and usually the tenants make up the organisation’s membership. The site will comprise of both private and shared spaces.

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One of the most important activities within community-led housing is fund raising. There are many avenues to raising funds

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